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The International Collective for Research and Debate on the First World War (CRID 14-18) is originally a French-based group of researchers, as the list of members indicates.

However, we wish to make some of our projects, texts and resources available to a wider, English-speaking public. Here is a summary, which we hope to update frequently :

-"14-18 : Understanding the controversy", online journal article by François Buton, André Loez, Nicolas Mariot and Philippe Olivera

A thematic bibliography on the Great war with links to book reviews.

-"War and the antipodean gaze", a paper by Sandra Mc Allister on New Zealand war photography (pdf).

-"Memorials to French Colonial Soldiers from the Great War", by Robert Aldrich, Sydney University (pdf).

Book review:
O’BRIEN Paul, Mussolini in the First World War. The journalist, the soldier, the fascist, Oxford-New York, Berg, 2005, p. 212.

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